Manufacturing Reliable Aerospace Parts While Delivering Outstanding Efficiencies


Big Opportunity Meets Big Risk

When one of the largest and most successful power generation systems manufacturers in Aerospace decided it was time to consider outsourcing the subassembly parts for its generators, a comprehensive and competitive search to find a partner it could trust began. The process to find the right supplier to work with became a high stakes mission with hundreds of millions of dollars and the company’s own global reputation for excellence at stake.

Thousands of new aircraft product parts that used to take three months for fabrication cycle could now be made in only two weeks.

While producing the parts internally at a company owned factory in the Midwestern United States had worked for years, the marketplace was changing. It was time for the organization which makes the world’s most robust power generation systems for military and commercial helicopters and planes to focus on innovating its top level products. By doing so, it could create new designs, win bigger customer contracts, and remain ahead of the competition. This shifting of priorities and resources necessitated moving the lower tier sub-assembly parts of its business to an outside supplier. The quest was on to find a manufacturer also located in the NAFTA region due to logistical concerns, who could produce these parts further down the supply chain more nimbly and affordably while mitigating risk in the process.


Capsonic Generates New Efficiencies

Capsonic was up for the challenge, and won the company’s confidence through its extensive proprietary process knowledge which enabled thousands of new aircraft product parts that used to take three months for fabrication cycle to now be made in only two weeks.

By cutting more than two months out of the manufacturing lead time needed to fill orders, and by drastically reducing the material supply lead time, Capsonic helps this multinational company ensure that its assembly lines always have the parts they need to keep rolling. This huge manufacturer also greatly benefits from no longer having to sit for months on millions of dollars of expensive inventory.

Improved reliability of the parts made by Capsonic has also been of tremendous advantage throughout the course of this long-term partnership.


Value That Keeps Delivering Impact

Lead time reduction is crucial in Aerospace due to the incredible expense of running lines all the way up to the aircraft level, and the enormous cost of keeping inventory available. By being able to create highly reliable parts more quickly, Capsonic also helps this manufacturer avoid the inherent risks of big batch production where quality issues are often not caught early in the process when they can more easily and affordably be remedied.

More than 15 years after its initial search for a partner it could count on, this world-class manufacturer of aircraft power generation systems still relies on Capsonic to make the highest quality products that help keep its customers’ aircrafts in the air.

Today Capsonic reigns as the sole provider of this Aerospace leader’s DC sub-assemblies, and keeps innovating in partnership with the company to develop unique industry leading products.

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