Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Capsonic’s goal is to deliver the goods you expect on-time and within budget using our comprehensive DFM services.

We work to eliminate the risk of potential problems in the design, manufacture and assembly of your parts providing end-to-end reliability. This requires a strong collaborative effort and clear set of technical guidelines for insert molding and electromechanical assembly for the most complex parts for low-mid volume applications. We are known for being a trustworthy source of engineering services and product design for the engineering and manufacturing communities we serve.

Whether we are fabricating millions of parts per year, or manually assembling “one piece flow” products for complicated low volume Aerospace and Military products, our DFM services include:

  • Streamline quoting
  • Improve production
  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate potential technical glitches during manufacturing
  • Evaluate both internal and external manufacturing capabilities
  • Determine the range of complexity
  • Know what stress factors to review – especially in Aerospace where part quality and regulations are extremely high and monitored


By vertically integrating our spectrum of services, we are able to consistently deliver high volume, proven quality manufacturing techniques that result in lower cost solutions for our customers’ most intractable applications.

Our vertical integration offers:

  • Insert/over molding
  • Minor forming presses
  • Automated wire processing
  • Turning, balancing and CNC machining
  • Brazing and minor static welding
  • Aerospace part design and assembly

Capsonic uses leading manufacturing concepts, including: Lean Manufacturing, 5S, Toyota Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Kaizen in our manufacturing plants. Metrics for all of our product lines are tabulated, visibly displayed and reviewed with all product line associates during daily “Quality Walks” in order to address variation and promote continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes.

Our ability to produce a wide diversity of product types enables us to deliver comprehensive part solutions for the life of the platform or system including continuous process improvement. We make complex products easier to build.

Capsonic’s Comprehensive DFM Services Include:

  • Tool Design
  • Ongoing Part Validation
  • Transfer Capabilities
  • Assemblies
  • Program Management

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